Experts and those leading innovation in construction go head-to-head with the industry trailblazers, Josh Hogan and Sean Hague. In this unique podcast; the knowledge from the older brains trust is immortalised in easily digestible episodes and the new ideas that are shaping the industry are exposed. The hosts' passion is centred around making a better industry through sharing, knowledge rather than protecting it. This means there's something that everyone in and around the construction industry can learn from.

Why a Podcast?

The inspiration and purpose of this podcast is to capture the wisdom from the older brains trust, before they leave the building industry, and to share it with all our listeners. We think everyone could learn a thing or two from our guests mistakes, triumphs, and experiences. Our aim is to fill help the gaps in the industry so others do not fall into them and to inform the listener, about different parts of the industry and it’s various happenings. The idea is for the podcast to be the conduit, through which the wisdom from others can flow. We ask questions, get answers, and have a bit of fun along the way.

Hosted by Josh Hogan and Sean Hague

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