If you are interested in a career in construction management… this is worth a read.

Here at Build& we have found ourselves in a unique position of helping young aspiring students. Apart from the typical questions regarding the industry i.e. What is involved in your typical day to day? are you more office based than site? How many hours a week do you work? and so on.

One question always seems to creep up, and that is “Where do I go to study?”.

Below are x3 Universities offering a course in Construction Management in Canberra and NSW:

University of Canberra (UC)

If you’re keen to become an accomplished professional in the building industry, the Bachelor of Building and Construction Management can equip you with the necessary skills to become a confident leader. Learn management and supervision techniques while developing detailed knowledge of building processes and materials. This expertise, together with real-world negotiation, presentation and communication skills, will prepare you for a successful career in building and construction management.

From <https://www.canberra.edu.au/coursesandunits/course?course_cd=357JA&version_number=2>

The University of Newcastle Australia

Construction management graduates work in a whole range of leadership roles in the construction industry – from project management, to quantity surveying, estimating, contract management, scheduling, facilities management, property development and certification. Students will study a range of courses in construction and building to become highly desirable employees in these fields. They learn how to lead and coordinate physical building and infrastructure projects, and can be site or office based. Construction managers lead and coordinate all of the design and construction processes including liaising with other consultants and selecting, hiring and supervising various trade contractors. They’re also responsible for the legal and financial aspects of the project.

From <https://www.newcastle.edu.au/degrees/bachelor-of-construction-management-building-honours>

USNW Sydney

This degree gives you the knowledge and experience to manage complex construction projects. The UNSW degree is one of the most respected in Australia and will prepare you to meet the demands of a constantly evolving industry. You will develop broad knowledge and skills for the management of property development, construction site management, project management and quantity surveying. There is a strong emphasis on construction and property economics and management skills, including cost, time, human resources, organisational behaviour, risk management and information technology.

From <https://degrees.unsw.edu.au/construction-management-and-property/>

It’s now up to you…

All 3 Universities are great starting points for entry into the management side of construction. If you decide to choose construction management as a career, you will experience a fast paced work environment with a high level of diligence required for all tasks. It is an exciting and challenging role all merged into one.

We hope this has helped anyone looking to enter the industry… and good luck with your exams! 🙂

If you have any questions or would like some advice, don’t hesitate to reach us at info@buildand.com.au

Sean Hague and Josh Hogan

Build& Founding Partners & Alumni from the University of Canberra (Bachelor of Building and Construction Management)

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